PicaSim is a flight simulator for radio controlled aircraft. At the moment it concentrates mainly on gliders, but it has a few other aircraft too and I expect the stable will expand in the near future. You can get it for free (no ads etc) on Android, or so-cheap-it's-nearly-free on the Apple app store, or free-but-donate-if-you-like-it on Windows.

Please do post on the forums if you have any questions about PicaSim, or you can email me at the address below. Announcements about new versions will appear there, or on the Facebook or Google+ pages.


Aeroplanes and sceneries

These planes are currently available in the simulator - mostly gliders, but also a few powered R/C and control-line planes, a quadcopter and a hang glider:

AcroBat: 1.5 metre span low wing powered plane, capable of basic aerobatics. Martin Wing: Lightweight flying wing, ideal for gentle winds and slope or thermal soaring. Notos: 1.5 metre span discus launched glider (DLG) based on the Ypsi Notos with aileron, rudder, elevator and flaps. Phase 6: Classic aerobatic glider designed by Chris Foss, with for aileron, flaps, elevator and rudder control. RT Eraser Five: Indoor electric plane designed by Robin Trumpp. Use the dual rates to switch between smooth and 3D flying. Weasel: Based on the 90cm span foam glider from Dream-Flight

These are the sceneries:

And there are two skyscapes for the 3D environments:

You can also modify and create your own planes and sceneries.