The first half of this page contains music written especially for the English concertina, mostly from the mid 19th century. The second half contains arrangements/traditional-style music for the concertina and a fair number of recordings by me (either wma or mp3 format). A lot of them are "first-takes", so please ignore the mistakes... I hope you find them useful, interesting, or at the very least amusing!

Music written/arranged specifically for concertina

Brandon Faulkner's English Concertina Music Book 1. Unknown date, but the price is one shilling and sixpence.

Bells Across the Meadows by Albert Ketelby (I don't know who the arranger was/is). Page 1 and Page 2. The second page also has the song "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Richard Rogers.

Andante Largo by Fernando Sor. Originally for guitar but arranged for tenor-treble by me (I played this, along with Bells, in the ICA concertina competition in around 1991).

The Cuckoo by L-C Daquin. From what I remember I made this arrangement for tenor-treble from the original piano version, not from Dave Townsend's recording.

La Golondrina by Narciso Sarandell. I arranged this for tenor-treble from an arrangement for duet concertina, probably by Henry Stanley (though I have lost my source), because it looks like the version here.

One Too Many by Ian bell, arranged by me for tenor treble, and an optional bass part (which intentionally doesn't mirror the concertina self-accompaniment, but works with it).

I started abc'ing Giulio Regondi's Recollections of Home, but only managed (nearly...and not even with most of the annotations, let alone fingering!) the first page out of eight... here's what I've done so far (as a Postscript file and in abc, again the latter being only suitable for abcm2ps). As an interim measure, I've scanned the music in and put it on this web page (below), though some of it is barely legible even in the photocopy I've got - that's one of the reasons for typing it in.

This is a midi file containing Blagrove's Morceaux No 3 (sent to me by Paul Beard).

Where The Bee Sucks - Arne, Arr Blagrove, Ed. A.D. Townsend. Concertina solo. Page 1 and Page 2.

Morceau de Salon - Regondi. Concertina part Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3. Originally for concertina and piano (unfortunately I lost the original piano part, and half of the concertina part got marooned somewhere in Spain). I've got an arrangement of the piano part for string orchestra (I played this when my school chamber orchestra toured around Spain 6 years ago) - let me know if you really want it.

Leisure Moments - Regondi. Concertina and piano Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10, Page 11, Page 12 and The cover page. This was sent to me by Guido Bos, who in turn received it from Wim Wakker, who teaches a Bachelor of Music program in English Concertina at the Schumann academy (see the Concertina Connection). Midi files (made by Guido) containing the first of the Leisure Moments can be found here and here.

Fantasia on English Airs - Richard Blagrove. Concertina and Piano Page 1 (cover), Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10 and Page 11. (Donated by Stuart Ashburner: Here's the zipped file he sent me - I could only open the tif files in some MS applications though...) Although these look big on the screen, my version of Netscape scales them to fit on the page when printing. To view them on the screen, download the files and view them with an image viewer/editor.

Recollections of Home (also see above) - Regondi. Concertina solo Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7 and Page 8.

Other music written/arranged by me

Bourree in Gm by JS Bach (as a Postscript file and in abc the latter being suitable for abcm2ps, written by Jean-Francois Moine). I arranged this for treble concertina from a book of duets for violin and cello.

The Happy Chicken (aka Les Poules Huppees)

In Continental Mood

William Irwin's

Louise's lament (on the lack of a rat) - also in abc format, and here's me playing it (recorded in MP3 format).

Rat in the Bed - a waltz by me for one of my rats (Mrs Rowl) when she was ill (in abc).

Guitar accompaniment (written/arranged by me) to Sueno de Barrilete.

Various tunes arranged and played by me (no double-tracking etc):

Ganivelle with improvisations - tune by Frédéric Paris. I did this mostly to try out this microphone setup, an attempt to get a wide but natural sound without the left/right bounce you get from sitting between two mics facing 90 degrees to both of them (i.e. towards the opposite wall in the photo). The cushions cut out most of the nasty reflections from the walls (which result in certain notes/frequencies "jumping out"), and whilst the concertina is dead centre, the left/right balance needs to be modified quite a lot to compensate for the player's body (especially if it's a cow) being between the concertina and one of the mics. I think that actually generates quite a nice effect where the position of the concertina is spread slightly - with harsher/higher sounds coming through the left channel (mic on the left in the photo), and mellower/lower sounds coming through the right. The only processing was a tiny bit of equalisation to warm the sound up a bit, and add some reverb, but what is nice about this is that even without any reverb the sounds has plenty of width to it. With methods I'd used previously - i.e. simple X/Y or mid-side recording - the sound position would be very localised (or else exhibit unpleasant left/right bounce), and any natural width would come from the walls of the recording space (so at home, that's not a nice sound!).

Mr Beveridge's Maggot (from Playford). Sorry about the cello practice going on in the background! Notes here.

The Keel Row with variations by/based on George Shield.

The Bay Tree and Walled Garden Waltzes (written by Andy Cutting).

Rosline Castle. Played in the standard treble range (on my tenor-treble). Click here for a version that uses the full tenor-treble range - this arrangement has the tune played slow at the beginning, followed by the New French Scottisch (see also above), and finally Rosline Castle played as a scottisch.

My Lady Cullen. Played in the standard treble range (on my tenor-treble).

The Wounded Hussar (aka Captain O'Kane). Played in the standard treble range (on my tenor-treble).

Lulle Me Beyond Thee. Played in the standard treble range (on my tenor-treble).

A French bourree from Bruno Le Tron. It's a little bit like the chicken one above...

Two tradishinal Irish tunes: The JollyTinker and Martin Wynn's.

Floating from Skerry.

Various tunes arranged and/or played by me (with double-tracking etc):

The following are all played by me and involve various combinations of the concertina and cello, some with pitch shifting.

Around the Samovar from the database here - search for Boris Matusewitch under arranger.

Gussondall Bay from the Mittel manuscript (whatever that is), arranged by Bryan Creer (in the ICA music supplement #448) played on concertina (3 parts) and bouzouki. I was testing my soundcard ASIO drivers for latency...!

Two Playford tunes - The Maid peeped out of the window and Lulle me beyond thee. Concertina and cello.

The Solstice Reel by Jason Little (see here for the dots), played on concertina and cello.

Horizonto by Paul James.

The Sportsman's Hornpipe.

The Adder's Waltz (written by Nigel Eaton I think).

The New French Scottische.

The Staffodshire Hornpipe (concertina + cello).

Finnish Scottisch (concertina + cello).

Josefin's Waltz - tune by Roger Tallroth (concertina + cello).

Huntingtone Castle (concertina + cello). Cello part on 1st time is from "A collection of strathspeys, reels and country dances" by John Bowie of Perth.

New French Scottisch and Turpin Hero (concertina + cello).

Catharsis (concertina + cello) by Amy Cann.

The Presbyterian Hornpipe (concertina + cello bass line borrowed from Blowzabella).

A jig. I forget where from now... please tell me if you know!

Polska E. Per Osa from Ben Paley's Swedish fiddle music book.

Gabriel's Leap by me.

The Rat and the Rook written by me for Pontus and Louise. The rat has the tune and the rook has the accompaniment.

The left side jig (written by Simon Thoumiere, arr by me).

Sweet and Sour Sock, played rather badly!. Notes in GIF, abc and PS.

Clarinet and Cello Duet in G minor by Ben Wassell (clarinet part played on concertina). Dodgy cello playing...

The History Man by Andy Cutting. Played on Castagnari Mory (by me, not Andy!) and concertina.

Ben Paley wrote a nice book of Swedish fiddle tunes with a harmony part. The following are all based on those arrangements (actually, I only recorded them to see how the arrangement sounded...), but I modified them for concertina (or fiddle) and cello:

Colonel Bogey. OK, this is getting silly :) I think arranged by Jenny Cox in the ICA music supplement - Only got around to record the first few phrases... I recorded the base on my tenor treble and pitch-shifted it down on my computer.

Tunes for Louise (17MB zip file) - quite a few tunes I recorded for a friend of mine to give her some ideas for how to play more than one note on the concertina (so most tunes I recorded a few times - slowly, with/without accompaniment etc). Contains most of the recordings above, plus some others.

Apres un Reve by Gabriel Faure. Originally for cello/piano, but the cello part fits on the tenor-treble concertina. Piano accompaniment by Paul Gardner.

A Coy Toy by Dowland.

Michael Turner's Waltz. Approximate notes are here.

There are a few tracks by me on the recording English International, a 3 CD set tracing the history of the English system (i.e. the type of concertina I play).

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